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Well shaped and filled eyebrows can give you a youthful look, bring out your eyes and help you save many mornings. We offer permanent or semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement techniques including micro-blading, micro-shading, powder brows, ombre, micro-feathering, and combo brows.



PMU/Pigment Lightening

Removing your permanent makeup or pigment is just as important as getting it, if not more. We use a salt-based product called LI-FT. LI-FT works using osmosis and your body’s natural healing process to gently lift pigment up to the surface. This safely facilitates the removal of unwanted pigment.

Both Eyebrows


Small Tattoo




Permanent eyeliner tattoos and lash line enhancement procedures are the perfect options if you hate applying, re-applying, and removing your eyeliner every day. Wake up and be ready to go with lashes that look fuller and add definition to your eyes, all without the worry of smudges.

Eyelash Enhancement


Upper or Lower Eyeliner


Upper and Lower Eyeliner



 All PMU Treatments

All Permanent Makeup treatments have a 6-8 week touch up included. All treatments also take 2-3 hours to complete.

Color Refresh – Within 1 Year


Color Refresh – Within 2 Years




Getting the permanent lip colour treatment may be the perfect option for you if you are losing colour in your lips, losing definition, or hate constantly applying lip makeup. We can customize a colour based on your liking and help redefine your lips to give maximum results.

Lip Liner


Full Lips


Dark Lips Correction


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