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Pre / Post Care

Permanent eyebrows preCARE

The following actions thin your blood and cause excessive bleeding throughout the procedure which affects how well you retain the pigment. To make sure that our clients receive their exact desired result, we advise:

  • 12 hours before your appointment do not consume alcohol or take blood-thinning medications such as Tylenol.

  • 5 hours before your appointment do not exercise, or consume caffeine.

We advise that you wash your hair prior to, or the day of the procedure as you can’t shower

for 2 days following the procedure.


After the procedure, the brows will look much darker and defined than the final results. Over the next two weeks, the color will lighten and appear softer and more natural as the brows heal. The time it takes to see the true color will depend on how quickly your skin cells turnover. This is the peeling process and can take upwards of a week. Your touch up appointment is when we will perfect the shape and color and make any necessary adjustments.


Until your next appoint here are a few steps to help get the perfect brows:

  • Apply a very small amount of organic grape seed oil or post-care cream after 48 hours.

  • No showers for 2 days.

  • Clean brows 3 times a day for the first 4 days with a moist cotton pad with distilled water using a dabbing motion.

  • Try your best to keep the brows as dry as possible except when cleaning them for the first week.

  • Do not pick or touch the brows during the healing process.

  • No makeup, creams, lotions or skin care products on the brow area.

  • No brow gels, powders, pencils or fillers until brows have completely healed which is around 14 days.

  • No sweating, sun, hot sauna, or outside running for 14 days.

  • No microdermabrasion or chemical peels for at least 6 weeks after the treatment.

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